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Modern dentures

Dentures today are a far cry from the false teeth earlier generations had to struggle with.

Thanks to advances in technology, modern. state-of-the-art dentures look natural and fit far more comfortably.

You can even get dentures made with 3D printing technology – digital dentures – and secured in place with high-tech dental implants.

Modern dentures

Types of dentures

Types of dentures

Contemporary dentures come in two main types:

  • Full dentures – complete dentures – when all the teeth are missing
  • Partial dentures when some teeth are remaining

Modern dentures can also be fixed or removable.

  • Fixed dentures become a permanent fixture of your mouth
  • Removable dentures have to be taken out and cleaned every night

Why you need to replace missing teeth

Teeth help to maintain oral structure and facial appearance, enable us to chew food so it’s digestible, and play a role in speech function.

The loss of just one tooth can interfere with the way your mouth works and bend your smile out of shape. If you’re missing more teeth, the consequences can be more serious. Missing teeth can also result in remaining teeth shifting out of position.

Dentures avoid problems like these and improve quality of life after tooth loss.

Benefits of modern dentures

Present-day dentures enhance facial appearance, restore oral functionality, and boost self-regard by allowing you to smile, laugh, eat and speak with confidence.

Dentures now are more comfortable than ever – precision customised for optimal fit – and look a lot more like real teeth.

Benefits of modern dentures

Dentures with implants

Dentures with implants

Both fixed dentures and removable dentures can be held in place with dental implants. This addresses the problem of jaw bone loss associated with traditional dentures.

Teeth are supported by the underlying bone, which becomes redundant in the absence of stimulus from a tooth root. This bone then begins to waste away – like muscle atrophies without exercise.

Conventional dentures can’t replace a tooth root, but implants do – the titanium in the implant fuses with bone to form an artificial tooth root.


Contact us to book an appointment to find out whether dentures are your best tooth replacement option and which type of dentures would work best for you.

Dentures in Launceston

We strive to make our veneers in Launceston accessible to all patients with our payment options. We make sure to provide you with a thorough break down of the prices and procedures in your first consultation, to ensure this is the best option for you.

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