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Due to using the latest technology and sedation techniques  we are able to make the filling a trouble-free procedure.

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Our aim is to have you smiling again when you leave by utilising local anaesthetic or sedation IV (happy gas).

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We offer many flexible and customisable interest free payment plan options that you can apply for on the spot.

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Types of fillings

In many cases, a tooth that develops a cavity through decay can be saved with a filling. Fillings were once all made from metal amalgam but advances in dental technology have led to more aesthetic options such as composite fillings.

Dental amalgam – known as a silver filling – is a mix of mercury, silver, tin and copper.

Composite fillings – white fillings – are a combination of glass and polymers that are hardened (cured) with a special blue light.

While amalgam has a conspicuous silver appearance, the materials used in a composite filling matches the colour of your teeth and are practically invisible. This has made them a popular choice to fix decayed teeth in the more visible parts of the mouth.

Composite provides strong adhesion to the surface of the tooth, and its flexibility means less drilling is needed. A composite filling can also be used to change the size and shape of teeth.

Types of fillings

In case of an emergency

In case of an emergency?

If you have a broken filling, emergency treatment can bring immediate pain relief and save the tooth.

Fillings replace natural tooth material lost through decay, and your old filling may have given you years of service.

Eventually, though, all fillings need to be replaced due to everyday wear and tear. And sometimes a filling may crack or fall out. In fact, a broken filling or a filling that falls out is a common dental issue.

Emergency dentists provide new permanent or temporary fillings to replace fillings that have broken or become dislodged.


In many cases where a filling needs to be replaced, it’s not an emergency. However, it becomes an emergency situation when a filling breaks, becomes loose or falls out and causes severe pain. This pain is due to exposed sensitive tooth tissue.

Whether the problem with your old filling is an emergency or not, it’s best not to wait too long before getting treatment.

Left untreated, a defective filling can cause further tooth decay. When the seal between the filling and the tooth breaks down, food debris and bacteria can work their way into the tooth.

Replacing a broken or dislodged filling is typically a more comfortable procedure than getting the initial filling.

If you get a temporary filling, it will usually need replacing with a permanent solution within a month.

Tooth Decay

Cavities (tooth decay) are bacterial infections that work their way through your tooth structure. Left untreated, they can spread to adjacent teeth or into the nerve supply, causing an abscess.


The best treatment for tooth decay is to address it early, while it’s still small. Our white, composite fillings rebuild your tooth and blend in with your smile, so teeth look whole again.

Symptoms of tooth decay include:


  • Sensitivity
  • Rough tooth edges
  • Food packing
  • Pain when eating
  • Discoloration

Tooth Decay

Got A Toothache?

Got A Toothache?

A toothache may be one of the most painful experiences you ever go through.

Unfortunately, toothaches don’t resolve on their own. And left untreated, minor (and simpler to treat) conditions can easily evolve into complex (and more expensive) situations to handle. 

An over-the-counter pain reliever can offer temporary relief, but you should see a dentist straightaway, contact us now

Dental Fillings in Launceston

We strive to make our dental sealant in Launceston accessible to all patients with our payment options. We make sure to provide you with a thorough break down of the prices and procedures in your first consultation, to ensure this is the best option for you.

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