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Child Dental Benefit Scheme

Ask Us About Your Childs Eligibility Today! Claim Your $1000 Benefit For Preventative Dental Services From Medicare Contact Us

Child Dental Benefit Scheme

Claim Your $1,013 Benefit For Preventative Dental
Services From Medicare

Ask Us About Your Childs Eligibility Today!

Welcome to Launceston Dental For Best Dentist in Launceston

With over 35 years-experience, Launceston Dental’s proud team has some of the most dedicated dentists in Launceston. We provide top quality services for the whole family. We strive to make every dental experience as comfortable as possible with our gentle care, personalised services and open communication.

Our Dental Services in Launceston


Do you have a crooked smile? or A strange bite that’s affecting your chewing? The Innovative Invisalign system may be the way to solve your concern

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Veneers & Crowns

Want a perfect and long-lasting smile? Porcelain Veneers could transform the way teeth look.

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Do you want whiter teeth? Our teeth whitening treatment may give you the Brighter smile that you desire.

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Crowns & Bridges

Do you have a missing teeth making smile embarrassing? Or Making chewing difficult? Dental Implants and Bridges can help replace missing teeth and restore healthy smile.

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Decayed Tooth

Tooth decay is progressive and if left untreated can lead to pain. We offer a range of treatments to arrest/treat decay and restore your oral health to normal.

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sports mouth guard

Mouth Guard

Are you or your kids engaged in a contact sport? Our custom-made mouth guard fits perfectly and protects teeth and give you peace of mind while playing sports.

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Gum Disease

Ever experienced bleeding from gums? or An unpleasant breath? You might be suffering from gum disease which can be controlled. Our Hygiene Clinic is here to help.

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Wisdom Teeth

Are you feeling sore or experiencing jaw ache? It could be your wisdom tooth. Wisdom tooth in an unideal position could damage adjoining teeth and affects oral health.

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sleep appliances treatment launceston

Sleep Appliances

Do you or your partner have trouble sleeping at night? or Suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness? Snoring or Sleep Apnea may be the underlying problems.

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Why Choose Launceston Dental

Experienced Team

The Launceston Dental has been delivering high quality dental services for more than 35 years. Our experienced team of Launceston Dentist bring experience and professionalism to every consultation.

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All Dental Services Under One Roof

We offer wide range of treatment options to meet needs of each individual.

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Dedicated Oral Hygiene Clinic

At Launceston Dental we provide a dedicated dental oral hygiene program. Contact us today.

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Personalised Treatments and Solutions

No lectures and no awkward questions and open communication

Conveniently located

Launceston Dental is conveniently located in Dowling Street. There is enough parking for your convenient.

Excellent Customer Service

We are proud of professional dentist in Launceston, our friendly staff and excellent customer service. Which will make your visit to our dental practice pleasant.

We Accept All Health Funds

Advanced Gentle Care For The Whole Family

Advanced gentle care for the whole family

There’s no need to compromise the professionalism of care… the gentle treatment you’ll get is thorough.

No lectures and no awkward questions

If you haven’t been to the dentist for a while, don’t worry… you won’t be talked down to, or made to feel embarrassed.


We know from experience that a well informed patient will enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiles… and all the benefits of good oral health.

Enjoy Your Smile With Flexible Payment Plan

Our Team

We are a proud team of experienced dentists in Launceston. Our team has a strong sense of loyalty and commitment, both to each other and our patients. While offering a dental service of the highest quality, we take pride in the fact that every person who visits our practice is treated with respect, and as an individual.

dentist in launceston Govind Jindal

Dr Govind Jindal

Dentist and Consultant

dentist in launceston

Jo-ellen Batchelor

Practice Manager

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