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They fill and block up the small pits and grooves in the teeth to prevent decay and future complications.

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Easy application as it only takes a few minutes to apply with a special light and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

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With dental sealants you’ll be able to continue to smile as it a quick and effortless procedure.

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We offer many flexible and customisable payment plan options that you can apply for.

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Dental sealant restoration

While dental sealants are often a preventive measure against tooth decay, they also provide a restorative treatment when applied after removal of existing diseased tooth structure.

Sealant restorations are used on back teeth – molars and pre-molars – that have sustained decay resulting in minor cavities (larger areas of decay would need a standard filling).

Studies indicate that restorative sealant treatment is as effective as a regular filling for less serious cases of decay and preserves healthier tooth structure.

Dental sealant restoration

The sealant restoration procedure

The sealant restoration procedure

You can get one veneer for a single tooth or several veneers to achieve a perfect, symmetrical smile.

In most cases, the veneers process takes two appointments after your initial consultation.

A dental sealant

Fissure sealant – in preventive dentistry gives a healthy tooth an extra layer of protection.

A sealant as a restorative treatment entails

First removing diseased tooth tissue and replacing it with composite or glass ionomer – a flexible paste that hardens into dental cement. The area is then sealed with a fissure sealant.

Benefits of a sealant restoration

Good oral hygiene helps to prevent cavities but cleaning the nooks and crannies of back teeth properly can be difficult. Molars have rough, uneven surfaces that can trap food debris and provide a breeding ground for bacteria that cause cavities.

If this happens to one of your teeth, and the problem is detected early, a sealant restoration can avoid future complications and more expensive procedures such as crowns, root canal treatment, or even tooth extraction and dental implant replacement.  

Sealants have been shown to lessen the risk of cavities in molars by almost 80 per cent., and they often last several years before needing replacement. Your dentist will monitor the condition of your sealant restoration during routine check-ups.

Benefits of a sealant restoration

Need a sealant restoration?

Need a sealant restoration?


No matter how diligent you are with brushing and flossing, cavities can still develop at any age, particularly in back teeth.

Sealant restoration treatment provides an effective solution by removing existing decay and preventing further cavities.

Contact us to find out more about dental sealant restorations.

Dental Sealant in Launceston

We strive to make our dental sealant in Launceston accessible to all patients with our payment options. We make sure to provide you with a thorough break down of the prices and procedures in your first consultation, to ensure this is the best option for you.

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